Financial Support

Help with Funeral Costs

There are several different options available if you’re looking for help from the government with funeral costs, from one-off bereavement payments to council funded funerals.
Get help with funeral costs (Funeral Expenses Payment): Eligibility - GOV.UK (

Claiming Bereavement Benefits

Along with the options above that help with funeral costs, there are other benefits that you may be entitled to if a loved one has passed away:


In order to deal with tax and benefits, use the ‘Tell Us Once Service’ What to do after someone dies: Tell Us Once - GOV.UK (

This is a service that allows you to inform many government organisations about the death of your loved one in one go. Once you’ve done this, HMRC and the Department of Work and Pensions should contact you about your loved one’s tax, benefits and entitlements automatically.

Coping with Debt

Free Help – there is support available if you’re struggling to pay your bills and manage debt. They can support you in talking/writing to lenders and can offer you a personalised debt plan. If you would like help, try contacting the following organisation.